Sunday, February 21, 2016

A List of Free Book Sites

The symbiotic relationship between blogger and author is a wonderful and mutually benefical unity. Bloggers love to read; authors love to write. Without one, there can’t be another. Or maybe, because of one, there is the other. The chicken and the egg conundrum, lol.

Often, authors will offer free reads to introduce bloggers to new books or a new series. And there are a veritable host of blogs that comb through and compile the free reads offered daily on Amazon and other sites. You can sign up for newsletters from these blogs where lists of free books are sent to your inbox each day.

Now how cool is that??

Below is a list of some blogs that I subscribe to and some that I have seen but never utilized.

Check them out for your next free read! - (this one is great! it's manuscripts that you can read) - (this is another fun one! you can nominate books that look good. if they win, you get an email with a free copy to download:) )

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